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Two weeks ago Hetzner shutdown my tracker and the whole machine with 3 Xen instances on it. First they wanted to know what kind of service produces so much abusemails (about 107 in 3 months). I answered them that I'm running a bittorent tracker and that it's completely legal. The answer from Hetzner was short: P2P is forbidden by our terms. I'm kinda wondering if they know what P2P means. I mean a tracker is just an HTTP server on some crude port.

After two weeks being offline, I found a very nice hoster called vanager. I spoke with the company representants last week in Berlin at LinuxTag. They offered everyone who were visiting LinuxTag 6 month free VPS testing. I asked them if they have a problem with me running an opentracker on their server. They assured me that i can do it and they won't be abused by the masses of abuse mails, that such service produces. Yesterday I registered a VPS at vanager and since then the tracker is up and running again.

It seems like I didn't loose the users at all. Just 5 minutes after fixing DNS, dozens of connections appeared in iftop. I'm glad to offer the tracker service again and hope it will run awhile without the interference of some strange support folks who don't understand the difference between peer to peer and http.


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